miercuri, 4 ianuarie 2017

La început de an, broscuțe

White frogs dancing in the sky

White frogs dancing in the sky.
I saw them once, when I was ten.
It’s just a game of you and I
And a remembrance of then.

They’re holding hands, and jumping,
And laughing at the noisy birds.
Don’t bother now restructuring
What you believed when you were kids!

White frogs dancing in the sky.
Be still, and breathe the current view.
And all you have don’t question why!
Just taste the courage of the few.

They’ve started yelling at the rain,
But then again, rainbow would come
And clean the blisters and the pain,
And weave the future with a comb.

White frogs dancing in the sky.
Be sure to find what you expect.
And all in all, they’ll bear you out,
Then it is you who must you not neglect!

Acum câțiva ani am scris poemul acesta cu gândul la tipare. Și nu cele de croitorie. Să facem un mic pas în afara lor și să lăsăm copiiilor dreptul de a colora în afara liniilor.

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